About Us



Our organisation is dedicated to providing impartial advice, help and recommendations to people looking for care for themselves or their loved ones and our goal is to help them achieve the best result in their search for care.  In today’s world effective use of the internet can be a powerful tool to identify possibilities, but to fully research and evaluate the options and enable the best care arrangements to be sourced requires a network of expertise together with professional and sensitive human evaluation.

Our foundation principles are the maintenance of independence and opportunity to exercise choice for well informed decision making on behalf of those needing care and support.



We offer care seekers:

·         Help and advice on care options drawn from our own professional expertise, guiding you in finding the right care provider

·         Help and advice to maintain independence and, where appropriate, signpost resources to extend independence beyond the limits of your front door and connect socially

·         A confidential and ethical service based upon objectivity and integrity

·         Advice on how care can be financed and help to find the best financial solution in paying for care. In some cases you may even be entitled to receive reimbursement for past care costs running into £1000s

·         Links and referrals to other trusted professionals and experts

·         An impartial, independent, confidential review and feedback service to improve the whole experience and on-going care delivery in particular



Our team is comprised of people with broad experience in care. The help and advice we give benefits from the knowledge and skills of trained professionals and experts combined with the homely experience of dedicated family carers. In particular, individual members of our team have experience and qualifications in the following areas:


·         Hands-on practical experience of personal care and nursing care

·         Intensive daily homecare of family members with dementia, and high dependency illnesses

·         Specialised experience and qualifications in nursing and clinical research

·         Care operations business management, legal and regulatory requirements and finance

·         Education, learning and behaviour management particularly linked to Asperger’s syndrome, autism spectrum disorder, Prader-Willi syndrome


Supporting us we have assembled a wider team including trusted associates and affiliates with additional specialist skills and whilst we provide a directory of care providers on our site, which care seekers can use to search by themselves, we can provide so much more to help you. Please don’t hesitate to contact us even if you have only a few questions.


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